Urban Sprawl


The physical form of a community has profound impacts on the ability of individuals to live, work and play in a manner that is sustainable, climate resilient and inclusive.  At the most fundamental level, cities that sprawl out over large geographic areas are generally cities with larger carbon footprints than more compact communities.   

Now that we have collectively succeeded in convincing the City of Hamilton to commit to a firm urban boundary, we are focusing our efforts on making that vision a reality by advocating for a climate resilient, inclusive urban Hamilton moving forward.   

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Planning Application Review + Response Team or PARRT - a growing collective of community volunteers who are working with us to advocate for progressive approaches to accommodating urban growth - from gentle to high density - within the urban boundary.  

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Sprawling out also means loss of prime farmland and rural open spaces.  In Hamilton, this poses a direct threat to our protected Ontario Greenbelt areas.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Ontario's Greenbelt and why it is so important.  

The resources below - including video recordings of workshops - provide helpful background information for anyone wanting to understand the challenges we are facing in Hamilton with urban growth management and city planner recommedations for how to deal with urban growth. 

CLICK HERE to access archived information on our efforts to stop urban sprawl.


EH is a proud member of the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance and serves on the Alliance's Steering Committee.

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Our public education and outreach work around smart urban growth and rural lands protection is made possible with the generous support of the Greenbelt Foundation.  

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