Urban Sprawl

The physical form of a community has profound impacts on the ability of individuals to live, work and play in a manner that is sustainable, climate resilient and inclusive.  At the most fundamental level, cities that sprawl out over large geographic areas are generally cities with larger carbon footprints than more compact communities.   

UPDATE - October 6, 2020
The city's Planning Committee voted against amending Urban Hamilton Official Plan policies to allow private boundary expansions to occur.

Environment Hamilton delegated at the meeting, raising fundamental concerns about past and current issues related to the process of expanding urban boundaries. CLICK HERE to read the full text of the comments delivered yesterday by EH ED Lynda Lukasik.  

We argued that AT THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL we can BLAME the Ford Government for harmful regional planning policy changes made over the last several years.  This provincial government is actively and aggressively dismantling the core policies in the Growth Plan For the Greater Golden Horseshoe – policies that were designed to CURB URBAN SPRAWL.   This is profoundly dangerous in light of the climate emergency we face – a threat that is aptly described as a looming tsunami.

it is the Ford Government that we argued it is the Ford Government has empowered landowners to pursue private boundary expansions.   The Ford Government has expanded the Planning Horizon to the year 2051.  The Ford Government has reduced the minimum targets for urban intensification and greenfield density. 

But we also argued that it is also fair to say, in this instance, that the Ford Government alone is not to blame.   The application before Planning Committee yesterday was a reaction from a developer to a flawed municipal process that dates back to 2006.   It was then that council direction to staff was to make Elfrida the priority area for urban expansion - despite the fact that most of this area is prime agricultural land.   

We have repeatedly called for Hamilton City Council to hit the reset button on Elfrida and undertake an assessment of If and WHERE we need to expand out as a city that involves proper consideration of all available methods (ie intensification) and locations.   We are now 14 years beyond that Council decision to prioritize Elfrida.   Hamilton City Council just declared a Climate Emergency.  They need to plan like our future depends on it - because it does!

CLICK HERE to read the full text of the comments delivered yesterday by EH ED Lynda Lukasik. 


CLICK HERE to access the detailed information on the application to amend Urban Hamilton Official Plan policies to allow private urban boundary expansions to occur.  Deadline to comment is July 10th, 2020.