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Here are some things you can do RIGHT NOW to help!


Did you know that Ontario has an Environmental Bill of Rights?   Environment Hamilton regularly comments on postings on the provincial Environmental Bill of Rights Registry - and we encourage other community members to do thie same!  

Here are some current opportunties to comment on environmentally significant provincial proposals:

1. Comment on the Ford Government's Made-In-Ontario Environment Plan -  This is the long-awaited plan that is supposed to replace the provincial Climate Action Plan that was being implemented by the previous Liberal Government.  To access the plan and the environmental registry comment page CLICK HERE.  Comment deadline is January 28th, 2019.

2. ArcelorMittal Dofasco Coke Ovens Rehabilitation Order - The Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks is proposing to allow AM-Dofasco to take another year to complete mandated rehabilitation work on the company's aging, polluting coke ovens.  The Ministry has posted a draft order to the EBR for public comment.   The comment deadline is December 15, 2018.  CLICK HERE to access the draft order and the registry comment page. 

3. Proposal to establish a hunting season for double-crested cormorants in Ontario - This is a very controversial posting from the Ford Government that would make cormorants a 'game bird' and enable hunters to start to shoot large quantities of these waterbirds.  Our own resident cormorant expert, Dr. Jim Quinn from McMaster University's Biology Department argues that a cull is simply not appropriate.  Dr. Quinn raises three central concerns:

-Allowing hunting from motorboats during breeding season will disturb other colonial nesting birds that are protected under the Migratory Birds Act.  
-Cormorant populations in Ontario have stabilized and complaints from fishers that they are depleting fish population are unsubstantiated.
-By feeding on round gobys, a recent invasive exotic to the Great Lakes, cormorants are helping to reduce negative impacts on some native species in the Great Lakes.  

CLICK HERE to access the Environmental Bill of Rights registry page with this posting and on-line commenting form.  


Attend a Workshop or a Volunteering  Event

See our Events Page for upcoming events.  Past events have included:

  • nature workshops (e.g. bees, trees, lichens),
  • tours of eco-friendly buildings or local farms,
  • green space clean-ups and planting events,
  • biking or walking air quality audits,
  • Hamilton industrial pollution crawls, and
  • extreme weather resiliency workshops.


We are grateful for the financial support we receive from partners and individuals.  It allows us to further expand our efforts towards a healthier Hamilton, whether it's increasing the number of air-cleaning trees in the city, beautifying and increasing safety in your neighbourhood alleys, or advocating for reducing pollution.  Click on the Donate Button to the left.


Join our membership.  We are a community of passionate like-minded people.  Click the Join button to the left to stay informed of current issues in Hamilton and receive invitations to participate in specific Environment Hamilton events or projects via facebook, twitter, or email.  The more people who know about the issues in their city and neighbourhoods, the greater the strength we have for change and improvement.


We can't do our work without you!  We have opportunities for you to volunteer at events, on field projects, or in the office.  Click here for a summary of our projects.  Apply by clicking on the Volunteer button to the left.  Feel free to invite a friend to volunteer with you!  We welcome high school students needing to complete service hours and other service projects too.

Get involved in our current projects:

In all the ways you choose to participate, your support is vital to working towards a city that is a carbon-neutral community with secure local food sources, sustainable transportation, and healthy, clean air, water and land. 

Thank you for being part of Environment Hamilton.  Together we will work to make Hamilton a cleaner, greener, healthy place to live!


Lynda Lukasik, PhD

Executive Director, Environment Hamilton

And the Environment Hamilton Staff and Board of Directors