Urban Climate Alliance

Environment Hamilton is a proud member of the Urban Climate Alliancea network of four Ontario-based local environmental organizations working to share knowledge, skills and lessons learned in order to inform and strengthen climate action in our respective cities. 

Urban Climate Alliance members include:

Over the past year (July 2020 - 21) the Urban Climate Alliance has been actively engaged in collectively working on climate issues, sharing experiences about working in our own municipalities and investing energy into sharing our learnings with groups in other Ontario municipalities.  Our efforts have generated a number of communication pieces and tools that we hope others will find helpful!  These resources are provided below.

Urban Climate Alliance Resources:  

UCA Accountability Framework Handbook We created this handbook to share our learned experiences working in our respective municipalities to push for local government to take meaningful action in response to the climate emergency.  The handbook is designed to be used by any group working at the municipal level to get local government mobilized!

Climate Blogs - UCA members organizations have created a series of climate blogs designed to highlight key issues, challenges, and signs of positive action where municipal climate action is concerned.   

Passive House Construction - Hamilton is leading the way!

Carbon Budgets - The Windsor Example

Climate & the 2021 City of Toronto Budget

Laboratories of Democracy - Why Cities Can & Must Lead On Climate Action

Toronto's Green Standard

The Quest for a Stormwater Fee for the City of Toronto