Community Fossil Free Plan (CFFP)


What is the Community Fossil Free Plan (CFFP) all about?

The Community Fossil Free Plan is a plan intended to reduce fossil fuel dependence in the City of Hamilton.

It is a youth-led plan that integrates the political advocacy of community organizations with environmental research and consultation. Currently, it involves on-going discussions with city councillors and staff in order to weave the plan's transformations into action.

Quick Background

The foundation for this plan was laid by youth activists as a part of Friday's for Future Hamilton in October 2021.

They rallied at City Hall to encourage the City of Hamilton to sign into the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, which was gaining popularity in municipalities at the time.

This is where Kerry Le Clair, Climate Action Community Coordinator for Councillor Nrinder Nann, proposed the idea to adapt this treaty into an airtight motion with tangible targets. Kerry also proposed that a made-in-Hamilton plan to reduce fossil fuel dependence should include dialogue with City of Hamilton staff and City Councillors as an integral part of its design.

The CBC article below is an additional quick read for an overview of the Plan and its history:

The plan was picked up by Adeola Egbeyemi during her internship with Environment Hamilton the following summer, in June 2022. The project assistant intern offered assistance to coordinate and research with the two students who still remained on the project: Ria Kleiman and Felicia Mikrogianakis. As the summer ended, both students had to step away from the project. 

Adeola was able to continue researching as a full-time staff with Environment Hamilton in September 2022. She was joined by Adan Amer, where they researched and collaborated for four months and completed a document in January 2023 which compiled the following six transformations. Thank you to Anuraaj, Amber, Kelsey, Nicolas, Marija, Tanner, and Sonja from Dr. Hooks Spring 2023 SOCIOL 4NN3 seminar class for their work researching these topics and holding some preliminary discussions.

Six Transformations

Actionable steps to reduce fossil fuel dependence in the City of Hamilton can be taken with the following six Fossil-Free Transformations:

To read the full CFFP document, please click here. To read a summary, please click here.

Media Coverage on the CFFP:

Tune into Adeola and Adan speaking about the CFFP on Good Morning Hamilton AM900 CHML.

Listen to Adeola and Adan speaking about the CFFP on the Environmental Urbanist Podcast with Jason Allen on CFMU 900.

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The CFFP team is continuing to hold conversations with municipal staff. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions or comments about the Plan.