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What is the Hamilton Community Climate Action Network (Hamilton CCAN) all about?

Environment Hamilton has a vision to transform Hamilton into a post carbon, climate resilient city that is environmentally sustainable and inclusive.  "What does that mean?", you might ask.  Well, it means working to set the city on a new course, one that considers the environment and the fact that it is our life support system.  It means recognizing that we need to get a grip on how we move around our city, where and how we live, and having serious conversations about what we all need to live a healthy, safe life.   

Our Community Climate Action Network initiative, affectionately called Hamilton CCAN! is designed to take this effort to the streets, by reaching out to neighbourhoods and working with existing groups or helping to support keen residents who are ready to work with us to make a difference at home and in their neighbourhood where the climate crisis is concerned.  

Want to get involved?  

We're encouraging anyone who is keen to get involved in taking action to address the climate emergency at the neighbourhood level to join Hamilton CCAN!  Whether you are an experienced community volunteer/activist or keen to get involved, we need you to get involved! 

CLICK HERE to sign up! 

The Hamilton CCAN has been created to provide spaces for keen community members to come together to talk about the climate crisis and actions people can take in their own neighbourhoods to make a difference.  The network facilitates neighbourhood-to-neighbourhood learning, and provides support from Environment Hamilton via our existing projects and advocacy work.   The 'Menu of Actions' below has been created to provide opportunities for neighbourhoods to mobilize, but to determine what they think are the activity(s) best suited for them to take on.  

Menu of Actions

We have created a 'Menu of Actions' that we will continue to build over time, that offers opportunities for advocacy, education, and hands-on action for community members to use at the neighbourhood level.   Check out the opportunities below!

Click on the icon to access more information about each menu item

Mapping the Network

STAY TUNED!  As more neighbourhoods get involved, we will add information to our Hamilton CCAN network map.  If you are already actively involved in the Hamilton CCAN network and you would like to be added to the map, CLICK HERE to fill out the Hamilton CCAN map form.  

The generous support of the Hamilton Community Foundation has helped to make this initiative possible.