Depave Cannon, Depave Paradise

A 2017 online survey conducted by the Friendly Streets project in partnership with the Beasley Neighbourhood Association concerning better streets for Beasley, demonstrated an overwhelming desire for more trees. Trees improve air quality, provide shade and help create a vibrant and pleasing streetscape. Now, with funding from Councillor Farr’s Plan Local budget, planning is underway for a greening project on Cannon Street. With Green Venture’s Depave Paradise initiative, approximately 180m2 of asphalt will be removed in front of the Good Shepherd Venture Centre parking lot. This depaved area will be replaced with permeable surfaces, trees, and shrubs.

About Depaving
Removing asphalt at neighbourhood work parties is an exciting new trend that renews neglected urban spaces. At Depave Paradise events, local volunteers gather to reclaim the soil. Using pry bars and shovels, community members break up an area of unused pavement and turn it into a living green space. Learn more about Depave Paradise here:

Join our project partners Green Venture, Good Shepherd and Beasley Neighbourhood Association in greening this space!

The Depave Cannon Planning Team has a survey inviting residents’ input on the project, and how they would like to be involved.