This innovative new air monitoring initiative will gather air quality data across every ward in the city.  This will be done using passive air samplers that will collect 30 day samples, 4 times per year to capture information during every season. Air pollutants to be sampled include: benzene, nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), ground level ozone (O3) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). 

The project is unique as it will not only include the deployment of many passive air monitors across the city, it is designed to include community in the process of locating the samplers, and ultimately being part of discussing and utilizing the data that emerges from the sampling process.   At least one passive air monitor will be located in every ward in the city, and additional samplers will be placed based on concerns and suggestions made by community members. Monitoring will also aim to assess whether air pollution impacts are equitably distributed across the city or whether some community members bear a heavier burden.    

The project is being led by City of Hamilton staff from the Air Quality & Climate Change  Office, in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Adams from the University of Toronto's  Department of Geography, Geomatics & Environment, and Environment Hamilton.   The initiative is being supported by Health Canada.  

This static map provides a sense of where the project's passive air monitors have been set up across the city.  Monitors have been installed in every ward - with an amplified focus on parts of the city with greater air pollution issues. 


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July 11th, 2023 - Fourth, and Final Community Meeting

CLICK HERE to view the recording of our fourth and final webinar where we presented the data gathered, and next steps!

January 30th, 2023 - Third Community Meeting 

Air Quality in Hamilton - Looking at Preliminary Data

CLICK HERE to view the recording of our 3rd public webinar where we looked at preliminary air quality data!

APRIL 12th, 2022 - Virtual Community Meeting:
Air Quality in Hamilton - Understanding the Regulatory Framework
At this meeting, we heard from representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation + Parks, Health Canada, and Hamilton Public Health about how air quality is regulated in our community.  The session also included an update on progress with the project's neighbourhood air quality monitoring efforts. 

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to access the Ministry of Environment Conservation + Parks slide deck.

DECEMBER 15th, 2021 Community Meeting Follow-Up:

to access the on-line, fillable verison of the FEEDBACK FORM for the December 15th, 2021 Community Meeting. 

to access the PDF version of the FEEDBACK FORM for the December 15th, 2021 Community Meeting.

CLICK HERE to view the video of the presentations made at the December 15th Community Meeting.

CLICK HERE to access the slide deck from the presentations made at the December 15th Community Meeting.


City of Hamilton:
Shelley Rogers: [email protected]
Matthew Lawson: [email protected]

University of Toronto:
Dr. Matthew Adams:   [email protected]
Elysia Fuller-Thomson: [email protected]

Environment Hamilton:  
Ian Borsuk:  [email protected]


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