Podcast Season 1: Stack Watch

Maintaining healthy air is one of the core mandates at Environment Hamilton. Yet, this maintenance proves a challenge in Hamilton due to a manifold of issues: the presence of heavy industry as one core example.

Enter Stackwatching! It has been our way to help Hamiltonian's observe, document, and report problem emissions from the city's industrial core. Since 2003, we have been developing tools and bringing community on educational walks around industry to help people to do this effectively.

Now, with our new podcast, we’re putting the knowledge to Stackwatch right into your hands!

Over the 9 episodes, you will follow a self-guided tour of Pier 8 / Copps Pier Park. Each episode speaks to key information to know about Stackwatching - from an overview of the Harbourfront development to a breakdown of the industrial landscape and everything in between.

Here is a map of the route.

NEW - If you partake in a walk, take a photo or selfie with visible industry and tag us on Twitter @EnvHamilton / hashtag #StackWatchingHamOnt

Happy Stackwatching!

CLICK HERE to access the podcast on Spotify.

CLICK HERE for more information about the work we’re doing to improve air quality in Hamilton.

Please note: A full tour can take up to an hour, but can be done at anytime. You will not have access to Wi-Fi for the duration of the walk. You are encouraged to download the series to your phone before you leave home or use cellular data.


Accessible Information

If you do not have the Spotify digital music app, worry not! You can access the Season 1 episodes embedded via YouTube below.


In addition, the written transcripts of each episode can be accessed below.

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