Good Food Box

What's in a box?

The $10 box contains small portions of local apples, Anjou pears, carrots, cooking onions, sweet potato, English cucumbers and mushrooms. Out of country items are oranges, sweet potato, grape tomatoes, green pepper, tangerines, lemon, spinach and broccoli.

The $15 box contains larger portions of local apples, Anjou pears, sweet potato, carrots, cooking onions and mushrooms. Out of country items include orange, grape tomatoes, spinach, green peppers, tangerines, lemons, broccoli.

Three easy steps to getting your good food box:

1. Find an Environment Hamilton COMMUNITY PICK UP SITE near you!
(Environment Hamilton sites are colour coded in blue)

2. Order at least one week before the pick up date by contacting your pick up site.

3. Pick up on the third Wednesday of the month and enjoy your healthy, fresh produce!
(order and pick up details are different for non-Environment Hamilton, green marked pick up sites)

We have partnered with Halton Fresh Food Box who supplies our produce.  

Our boxes contain a variety of fruits and vegetables and the selection changes each month.

Selections depend on what's in season and reasonably priced, to make the produce as fresh and as affordable as possible. Note: Good Food Boxes cannot be customized.

Important Dates for 2019

Good Food Boxes and Local Food

Hamilton Eat Local has a history of working hard to promote the purchase and consumption of locally grown food.

We recognize that a more localized food system creates environmental benefits:

Reduced food miles and greenhouse gas emissions,

Support for local agriculture,

and fresher, Better tasting food for those who choose to buy local.

Research proves that diets focused on fresh local food have health benefits for people who choose them. We recognize the importance of a system that makes local food available to all. Local food sometimes comes with a higher price tag, which is impossible to avoid within our current food system. This is where the Good Food Box can make a difference.


Volunteering for The Good Food Box: "JOIN THE PACK!"

The Good Food Box depends on volunteers in order to maintain affordability and sustainability. We need people to help pack, and to drive and deliver the boxes. We always offer refreshments and laughs while you contribute to building better communities through healthy food. It's also a load of fun!

If your interested in becoming a member of our packing crew contact for more information.

Information for Site Coordinators

We want the Good Food Box Network to expand across the city so we’re always looking for more pick-up site coordinators. If you are interested in becoming a site coordinator, contact Juby at or 905-549-0900 for details.

We would like to thank everyone who orders a box or two or more, our site coordinators who go out of their way to support the program, our dedicated volunteers who pack and deliver the orders - we are so grateful.

A BIG thanks to Halton Fresh Food Box and their coordinator Evan who made the connection to supply our project.  Thank you!

A SPECIAL thanks to Tim Brand, our superstar volunteer who leads our packs and has been doing so for years.  Our program has shifted and had to make adjustments and you have been there to help guide us along the way.  Thank you!  
With that a big thanks to Indwell / Perkins for their support.  Thank you for the use of the space, staff support, connecting with residents to help us pack, and so much more!   We have moved pack sites and it's great to have a 'home' for this project.  

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