Pier 8 Podcast Walk


Join Environment Hamilton for a tour we've done before—this time with a different guide: YOU!

We will take a leisurely stroll along the Pier 8 Copps Promenade—fully guided by the first Season of the Environment Hamilton podcast.  Learn more about the changes that have been made and the changes that have come and are to come along the Pier - including plans for greening & densifying the area.  We will walk as far as the 'Landing'  - an area along the Pier where you can enjoy panoramic views of the harbourfront and familiarize yourself with the industrial skyline. 

This podcast will teach you the basics of Stack Watching so that you have information to OBSERVE, DOCUMENT, REPORT industrial emissions.   

This walk will last approximately 1 hour and will take you along flat, paved terrain.  We will be walking at a leisurely pace and touching base to discuss information given from the podcast recording.


WALK STARTING PLACE:  Meet at the bus stop beside the William's Cafe at Pier 8

The walk starting point is marked with a 'yellow star' on the map below.  *NB that there is public transit to the site, easy access by bike, and FREE parking in the area immediately to the east of the Williams Cafe. 


March 23, 2024 at 11:00am

Will you come?