History of Carbon Cycle

History of the Carbon Cycle Event

The Beginning - A Protest Ride

In 2012, the Carbon Cycle began as a community protest ride from Hamilton to a nearby coal-fired power plant, the Nanticoke Generating Station, which was one of the largest point sources of greenhouse gases in North America.  ## people rode together to raise awareness about climate emissions.  The Nanticoke generating station was decommissioned in 2013 as part of the Government of Ontario's commitment to eliminate coal power.

Don's Longest Commute

The next August in 2013, Don McLean, Environment Hamilton's co-founder, evolved the cycling theme into a personal 6-day 600 km fundraising ride along the length of Lake Erie, dubbed "Don's Longest Commute" to raise funds for Environment Hamilton's climate change advocacy work. **how much did he raise?** ***get screenshot with link**

Carbon Cycle Starts

The next year, Environment Hamilton took on the organization of the ride and opened it up to community members, shortening it to a one-weekend group ride, the participants continuing the theme of fundraising for Environment Hamilton's climate change work.

Carbon Cycle 2019

Now in its 6th year, this mid-June bicycle ride will see 120 participants cycling 70 km from Hamilton to a conservation area where they will camp, eat, and relax before they cycle back the next day.

Environment Hamilton hosts the Carbon Cycle to:

  • Increase awareness on climate change and carbon impacts,
  • Raise funds for Environment Hamilton’s advocacy work on climate change,
  • Promote cycling and provide an easy introduction to bicycle touring,
  • Celebrate our geography,
  • Build the community of folks who care about Hamilton and its sustainability, and
  • Meet great people and have fun!

Fundraising Through Carbon Cycle

This year, our fundraising goal as a group is $35,000 and funds are raised through participants asking for donations from their community of contacts. 

Environment Hamilton relies on donations from the community to support the climate advocacy work that we do. The Carbon Cycle is our largest annual fundraiser, thanks to our dedicated supporters that help raise funds to participate in our ride. With this support, we have made the progress on climate-related issues such as:

  • Improving access to public transit,
  • Working with communities to prepare for climate emergencies,
  • Increasing the number of trees growing in Hamilton,
  • Raising prevention awareness of the growing incidents of tick-borne diseases, and
  • Advocating the city to prepare for local climate impacts such as flooding and high-heat events


To Register

Spots to join the Carbon Cycle ride are limited and the ride fills to capacity quickly.  To register for this year's ride click here.

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a general donation to this year's Carbon Cycle, please click here or sponsor someone you know on the ride.

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