EVENING TOUR - From Parking Lots to Vibrant Neighbourhoods - Exploring 'Greyfield' Redevelopment in East Hamilton

Do you want to learn more about how we could be accommodating more people within Hamilton’s urban areas rather than expanding our urban boundary out onto prime farmland? Join EH’s Lynda Lukasik for a walking tour of the Centennial Neighbourhoods in east Hamilton.  This area of Hamilton is on the brink of major urban transformation which, if done right, will result in the creation of a thriving mixed use neighbourhood with easy access to higher order local and intercity transit, essential amenities, and quality natural areas and recreational facilities.  The area includes Eastgate Square, a struggling suburban shopping mall which also happens to be is the location of the eastern terminus of the city’s now approved east-west LRT line.  The mall currently hosts a major HSR transit hub.  The neighbourhood also includes the Confederation GO Station on Centennial Parkway North, which will see full GO train service in the near future. 

This tour will explore the potential for ‘greyfields’ redevelopment in the Centennial Neighbourhoods.   What is a greyfield, you ask?

A greyfield is land that is underutilized as a result of economic obsolescence.  Greyfield sites are typically failed or struggling retail malls or other commercial uses, and have the potential for profitable redevelopment as mixed-use neighbouhoods.                                                                          -Source: connectourfuture.org

You will also learn more about how the Centennial Neighbourhoods ‘secondary plan’ is helping to set the stage for the transformation of this area to a higher density mixed use community that is more transit-focused and designed to provide a range of housing options.

October 07, 2021 at 6:00pm
Lynda Lukasik · · 9055490900

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