Aug 27, 2015
Pollinators Paradise Project presents.... POLLINATOR PLANT SALE & POLLINATOR GARDEN TOUR

PPP Plant Sale and Walking Tour Sept 2015.jpg

Jul 28, 2015
NEW! Hamilton Farm Map & Directory 2015/16 Edition

Hamilton Farm Map Cover 2015 16.jpgThe 2015/16 edition of the Hamilton Farm Map & Directory is here!
You can pick up a copy at any branch of the Hamilton Public Library
Click here to check out the new, on-line version of the map! 

Jul 02, 2015

Environment Hamilton had some success recently in pushing the provincial Ministry of Environment & Climate Change to make information sharing around problem emissions from Ontario's steel sector more open and transparent.  We used our rights under the Environmental Bill of Rights to request enhanced public openness and transparency when we commented on site specific standard requests from the iron and steel industry.  One specific outcome is a legally binding requirement, starting July 2nd, for all steel mills in Ontario to start to report any public complaints they receive to their Community Liaison Committee (CLC).  We believe this is a step in the right direction because, up until now, company reporting of public complaints to CLCs has not been standard practice.   The requirement will provide CLC members - especially those who do not live in neighbourhoods closest to the industrial core - with a more fullsome picture of the challenges and impacts associated with the operation of these mills - as experienced and reported by neighbours of the plants.   To read the full list of public reporting requirements click here and scroll through he document to Page 21.  

Do you live near US Steel or ArcelorMittal Dofasco or do you know someone who does?  Do you pass by the mills regularly?  Please consider downloading and printing our handy complaints contact sheet.   Click here to access the contact sheet.
When you see a problem with a visible emission from one of the plants - take the time to not only call the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  CALL THE COMPANIES TOO!  Under the new requirements, the companies will share your concerns with the CLC too.