Truck Route Reboot Petition

The Hamilton Truck Route Master Plan (TRMP) Review is underway. TRMP is a comprehensive review and update of the 2010 TRMP and current truck route network. Now is your chance to tell Hamilton City Council,

"No more Industrial Trucks shortcutting through our neighbourhoods and the urban centre."

Truck Route Reboot Hamilton: Background

The Truck Route Reboot Collaborative (since 2019) represents a growing group of individuals, small businesses, and organizations. It emerged out of Friendly Streets Hamilton's efforts to create safer, more vibrant streets for pedestrians and cyclists traveling through their neighborhoods.
We need local delivery trucks in our neighbourhoods, but massive industrial trucks with no local destination create serious safety concerns when they cut through residential areas. Unfortunately, this is currently perfectly legal under Hamilton’s permissive truck route system. Let’s tell the city that it is time for them to stop industrial trucks from shortcutting through our urban neighbourhoods. Other major cities in Ontario don’t allow gigantic industrial trucks to rumble through residential neighbourhoods and past elementary schools. Neither should we. Our families deserve safe, livable streets and clean air. It’s time for a truck route reboot! Please sign the petition and share with your networks.
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About the TRMP

"The Hamilton Truck Route Master Plan (TRMP) is a comprehensive review and update of the 2010 TRMP and current truck route network. The Study will recognize and minimize the impact of truck traffic over the interests of the greater community while supporting Hamilton’s economic prosperity through developing an efficient and reliable network for goods movement. The Study will develop, evaluate and recommend alternative truck route networks, as well as supporting policies and tools that the City can consider to mitigate current challenges and help manage potential challenges in the future. Learn more here."

Attention: Hamilton City Council

71 Main Street West

Hamilton, L8P 4Y5

Truck Route Reboot Petition

We the undersigned residents of Hamilton request that Hamilton City Council stop industrial trucks that are traveling to and from the industrial core, from short-cutting through the urban core and residential areas of the city.

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