LRT Operation

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The B-Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, passionately fought for by the people of Hamilton, is happening finally as a result of historic public investment from our provincial and federal governments. It will radically change not just the urban areas surrounding the line, but how Hamiltonians transport themselves around the city - particularly by HSR.

Our bus network will need to undergo major reconfiguration (some of which is already underway) to fully integrate the LRT into a city-wide transit system - and it's vital that this system work as efficiently as possible while remaining accessible by all Hamiltonians. This is why we are calling for City Council to ensure that the HSR will operate the LRT.

HSR operation and maintenance of the LRT would ensure that the city is not beholden to a third-party for-profit corporation to run this service. Most importantly would provide a consistent service for riders network-wide, something that cannot be said for riders who rely on public transit in municipalities with multiple local transit operators. 

We need to make it clear to Hamilton City Council, be it our current one or the one that is elected after October 24th, understands that Hamiltonians want to keep local control over our local transit. 

If transparency, accountability or just good public transit are important to you, sign up on this page! We will be keeping supporters informed on this issue - and will be putting out calls to action. 

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