Promoting Green Development Standards in Hamilton

Environment Hamilton and the CityLAB McMaster Climate Change Student Team have partnered up to help promote a set of development standards in Hamilton. Green Development Standards (GDS) have been implemented in municipalities all across Ontario and have helped to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency of buildings. As Hamilton continues to face challenges related to the Climate Change emergency, we believe the time to act is now, and we can’t do it without your engagement and support! For a quick introduction into GDS and Hamilton’ check out the video below and keep reading on! 

What are Green Development Standards (GDS)

Green Development Standards are measures for new developments that promote sustainable design. GDS can help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, increase energy efficiency, improve overall air quality, and create a community that is connected and close to street amenities and sustainable methods of transportation (i.e. public transit and cycling infrastructure). Buildings that are designed and developed to meet sustainable standards are also more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Examples of GDS Metrics

To help Hamiltonians gain a better understanding of GDS, it can help to look at sample metrics found in a GDS policy and their associated  community benefits. Check out our interactive image below to learn more! 

For more information on GDS, check out the GDS toolkit developed by the Clean Air Partnership

To learn more about the challenges of implementing a GDS policy, and how they can be addressed through an equity, diversity, and inclusion framework, click here.

Please consider writing a letter to your city councillor calling on the City of Hamilton to commit to develop a Green Development Standards policy.  CLICK HERE for more information - including a letter template and councillor contact information.