The role birds play in creating a healthy and thriving ecosystem cannot be underestimated. They pollinate plants, disperse seeds, help control pest populations, play a key role in cycling nutrients that benefit various ecosystems and species, but they are also a joy and pleasure to watch, hear and have around.

Bird populations are rapidly falling across North America and beyond; a major study reported that we have lost 3 billion birds in North America over the last 50 years. Many of the species are ones that we can observe in our city, and have fallen victim to multiplying dangers including: habitat loss and degradation due to urban sprawl and development, declines in insect populations, predation by outdoor pets, light pollution and window collision, and disturbance of their nesting or roosting sites.

Bird Friendly City is one that has taken measures to address the above risks, plus climate risks, and has worked to educate the public on the protection and appreciation of birds.

In the Hamilton/Burlington area, we are fortunate to have multiple Important Bird Areas (IBA) as designated by Birds Canada, with over 400 species visiting or passing through each year.

We must act NOW to protect local bird populations here in Hamilton and Burlington. Show your support for Bird Friendly City Hamilton Burlington by writing your Ward Councillor, urging them to take the necessary steps to make Hamilton and Burlington bird-friendly certified cities.

How you can help:

(1) Find your local Ward Councillor in Hamilton or Burlington.
(2) Select the appropriate letter for your city: Hamilton letter or Burlington letter.
(3) Write to your Ward Councillor using the template above, prepared by Bird Friendly City Hamilton Burlington. Copy and paste the letter into an email or word document to edit it. We recommend personalizing the letter with your Councillor's name, and adding in why protecting local birds and supporting a Bird Friendly City matters to you. Remember, personal stories are impactful!

(4) Complete our short survey after the letter so we can track the number of letters sent

(5) Email your letter or print it and send by mail to your Ward Councillor.

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