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There are several ways to get involved and address industrial dust and drag-out within your neighbourhood! 

1. Start Formally Reporting Emissions of Concern

Reporting concerning emissions to the proper channels is one of the simplest and best ways to address industrial dust and drag-out. Proper reporting will ensure that the polluter is held accoutable and pollution trends don't go unnoticed. 

Who you gonna call? Click here for contact and reporting information. 

2. Hang Our Dustbusting Sign In Your Window Dustbuster Window Sign.jpg

As a way to show community support for the issue, and to show polluting facilities that neighbours are watching, we have created window signs that we are asking people to hang in their front windows. Download your sign by clicking here. Or contact us and request a sign delivery. Tell a neighbour, get them hanging one too! 

3. Help Us Add to Our Online Map

This summer we will be keeping a close eye on 14+ companies identified as having dust and drag-out issues. To help with this we have created an online map, where each week volunteer neighbourhood Dust Busters will be uploading pictures to track progress of these facilities. Help out by sending us pictures (dated) of the companies in your area! 

You can also join in one of our Watchdog Bike Trips, where we'll be cycling the north end to take pictures of the industial dust and drag-out we see. Contact us for dates, or stay updated by following us on Twitter @EH_DustBusters. This feed is also located on our main page. 

4. Become a Volunteer Canvasser 

Over the summer we will be visiting hundreds of homes to provide information and talk about industrial dust and drag-out issues. This will include asking residents to hang our window sign. If you enjoy meeting new people and talking about pollution within the city, consider joining our canvass team! No experience required. For more information, please contact us at 905-549-0900, or volunteer@environmenthamilton.org. Please note: we are also able to sign off on volunteer hours for high school students.  

5. Become a DustRider!

Interested in going beyond reporting to address industrial dust and drag-out? Great! We are always looking for volunteer DustRiders to help us document drag-out violations. Our DustRiding How-to Manual can be found here. Online albums of photos taken at each Area of Concern can be found here. Please contact us to inquire.

Click here for a summary of what regulatory routes can be taken to address pollution. 


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