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Disclaimer: Please note that most products are not available all year round, especially out of season. You need to check with the supplier which of the foods they currently have on hand is local.

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This directory has been prepared by the Hamilton Eat Local, an initiative of Environment Hamilton. It includes: listings of available local products; contact information/directions to "pick your own" services, farm gate markets, fruit stands and farmers' markets and, opportunities for community shared agriculture (CSA). The purpose of the directory is to better connect Hamiltonians with locally grown food and to assist and support local food production and distribution.

We would like to thank our funders: Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the City of Hamilton for their support with the Eat Local Farm Map and Directory.

Please note, while all efforts were made to ensure the accuracy of the information listed, we advise you to confirm product availability and location of the farms by contacting them directly.

If you are a producer or supplier of local food, and would like to be a part of this directory, please email us at eatlocal@environmenthamilton.org.